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Our Chapel

The Franciscan spirituality is one of the three pillars of the Home which keeps life in its totality. Man is made of a body and soul, and of a mind and heart. Both entities have the capacity to control and influence our inner self and our decisions. If one gives great importance to outward appearances the physical appeal, then one will definitely have inner conflicts. But if one gives more importance to being ones true self, then this conflict will cease. As a result this creates peace and tranquility because the mind and heart are synchronized. In today’s society and environment, a lot of importance is given on how we look. This is why the therapy system that is adopted in this Home tackles the surrounding environment and not the individual. In this manner, no damage can be inflicted on one’s character.

This is the method that St. Francis used to adopt, that is, creating the correct environment so that man can find his true self again after being submitted to the challenges imposed on him by society. In this type of environment, the heart can once again start trusting and feeling, whilst ones character can be portrayed without any inhibitions. When this happens and one is capable of conquering ones fears and restrictions, then one is ready to start afresh to face new opportunities and horizons, such as, going out into society and start an independent life or else, give a contribution in the community.