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Check out our living experience

Why is the community at DFJ?

The community at Dar Frate Jacoba is an open Community. A community made up of lay and religious people together with the service-users.

A reflection of society based on a sense of responsibility and trust. When everyone respects his role within the community, there will be more peace and an environment conducive to every individual being trusted and with a certain freedom, so that the young resident may feel free to express himself and act in a respectful manner regardless of the other persons living with him.

A holistic spiritual experience?

The aim of the service will focus on involving the residents in the running and sustaining of the Home, as well as in educational activities/courses which will help service-users develop skills and enhance their employability. The residents will be encouraged to participate actively in living as a group in an effort to enhance their social skills. They will also be supported to involve themselves in the community, to prevent isolation. The aspect of the Home which focuses on sustainable living is one which has resulted in positive outcomes for the residents so far.

What can be found at Dar Frate Jacoba?

Dar Frate Jacoba is in the form of a farmhouse dating back to our ancestors and it is situated in a nice area in the south of the island with spacious rooms and warm hospitality. Surrounding the farmhouse are gardens and fields together with a number of animals. These provide a peaceful atmosphere and stunning views from all the rooms. All is cultivated by the residents and work with the permaculture and sustainability concept. Thus, ensuring the best and healthiest foods. The interior of the chapel displays wonderful Maltese characteristic architectures including beautiful icons of the life of St. Francis of Assisi. You will have the opportunity of indulging yourself in the daily life of the residents living at Dar Frate Jacoba and also to join the community during their prayer time and bible study (Lectio Divina).

Each room consists of:

an ensuite bathroom/ shower

a writing desk

two single beds

a view of the surrounding countryside

free WiFi connection in all rooms and

delightful homemade meals will be served in our brand new dining area

Our facility is also equipped with a projector and presentation aids.

Spend some peaceful time in our gardens where you may walk around or just relax. Learn more about permaculture by observing the daily practices of the home.

Ample parking in our premises is also available.