A Personal Reflection

A Personal Reflection on the reading taken from Gospel of John.

John 20:21 – Peace be with you.

These are Jesus’ words after his resurrection and these same words are exchanged between one another during the celebration of mass. Peace brings calmness and serenity within us. In life, the best place you can be in is when you are at peace with God, yourself, the people around you and nature. This can be achieved by always choosing to do the right thing. Life showers us with options which may cause us confusion and sometimes we are tempted to choose the easiest way. However, easy is not always right but what is right is always good!

One way of finding this inner peace is by spending time in calm environments in touch with nature and God’s creations. One such place is Dar Frate Jacoba. One can be surrounded by fields, crops, animals, shrubs, flowers, herbs and much more, away from the rush of society. This ambiance creates the adequate environment for self-reflection and an inward connection. Thus, making the right choices when coming to terms with our inner self.

Sharon Darmanin